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Electrical power supply to the consumer

Dalechyn LLC offers electrical power supply to the consumers on beneficial terms.


The clients of our company get the whole variety of advantages compared to the clients of monopoly suppliers (regional power distribution companies), namely:

1. Dalechyn LLC conducts its own preparation and submission of documents necessary for electrical power supply to its clients.

2. We provide an opportunity to quickly readjust the scheduled volume of consumption during the month of supply, as well as during the whole year, with the corresponding recalculation of the payment amounts. This option will be especially useful for businesses that may rapidly change their volumes of consumption within a month.

3. Our company does not limit the volumes of consumption, which means that the consumer shall have the right to acquire the necessary volumes of electrical power (not exceeding the technical capabilities of the receiving equipment).

4. There are no penalties for exceeding the limits on the volume and power of the consumed electricity.

5. Limit values of the permitted power on the time of the inspection of maximum loads at the consumer’s facilities are set up on a level of the connected loads.

6. Electrical power supply to the consumer is conducted according to the tariffs indicated in the agreement with the customers. Note that retail tariff for business entity consumers may be lower than tariffs of the regional power distribution companies (it depends on the nature of operations of such businesses).

7. Payment for the consumed electrical power is agreed with each client individually and is conducted with a flexible schedule.


Change of electrical power supplier


Please note that the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market” № 2019-VIII (hereinafter – the Law) dd. 13.04.2017 has come into force on 11.06.2017, giving a start to the process of reformation of the electrical power sector in Ukraine. In accordance with the Provisions of the Law, namely paragraph 13 of section ХVІІ of the Final and transitional provisions, power transmitting organizations (regional power distribution companies) will be conducting the supply and transmission of electricity with the local networks up till 11.12.2018, and starting on 11.12.2018, will only carry out electrical power distribution functions.

The consumers (except for domestic consumers and small commercial consumers) that have been acquiring electrical power from the power transmitting organizations (regional power distribution companies) on the day the Law entered into force, shall choose the electrical power supplier and sign an electrical power supply agreement not later than 18 months after the Law entered into force (i.e. on 11.12.2018).

Therewith, the change of electrical power supplier by the consumer is conducted on a free of charge basis within a procedure stipulated by the “Retail electricity market rules” approved by the NEURC Resolution № 312 dd. 14.03.2018. In case of failure to choose a new electrical power supplier within 18 months after the Law enters into force up till 11.12.2018 the electrical power supply to such consumer will be carried out over the course of 90 days by the “last hope” Supplier that will be assigned by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine based on the results of the competitive tender, in accordance with the Article 64 of the Law. Therewith, the tariffs for the services of the “last hope” Supplier will be considerably higher than the retail tariff from the electrical power supplier.



Dalechyn LLC is accepting requests, complaints and claims from the consumers regarding the quality of electrical power supply at the address:

34B Predslavynska str., Kyiv

Tel.: +38 (095) 314-89-79

Working hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00 - 18:00, lunch break: 13:00 - 14:00, day offs: Saturday-Sunday

as well as letters sent by mail at the address of Dalechyn LLC or at the email: info@dalechyn.com.ua

Received complaints, claims and letters are reviewed within the procedure and at terms stipulated by the acting legislation of Ukraine.

In order to assess the economic viability for your company to switch the electric power supply to the services of Dalechyn LLC, please send your company’s electricity consumption data with the indication of your hourly integration period (kWh) for the last month via email at: info@dalechyn.com.ua


Disputes resolution regarding the electricity matters

All disputes and differences arising on the matters of understanding and execution of an Agreement on electrical power supply or in relation to it, as well as other differences that may arise during the cooperation between Dalechyn LLC (hereinafter – the electric power supplier) and the Consumer, shall be resolved by means of negotiations within a just and quick manner.

Dalechyn LLC is obliged to review complaints received from the Consumers and shall report on the results within one month.

In case of failure to achieve an agreement by means of negotiations, the Consumer shall have the right to address the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (hereinafter – the Regulator) with a request to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission” and/or submit a dispute for resolution to a court in accordance with the agreement terms and acting legislation of Ukraine


The functions and authority of the Regulator

Regulator shall ensure the protection of rights and the legal interests of the Consumers of products (services) that are produced (rendered) by the business entities that are operating in the energy and utilities sector, and ensure reviewing of requests of such Consumers, resolving disputes, and provision of clarifications on the matters of application of the Regulator’s regulatory legal acts.

Reviewing of complaints and disputes resolution

Regulator reviews the Consumers’ complaints on violation of their rights and interests by the business entities that are operating in the energy and utilities sectors, as well as resolves disputes that arise between the business entities that are operating in the energy and utilities sectors, on the matters of:

1. access/connection to electrical, heating and gas networks, oil and product pipelines, centralized water supply and water disposal;

2. complying with the license terms by the business entities;

3. quality of products and services that are provided to the Consumers in the energy and utilities sectors;

4. other matters that shall be reviewed by the Regulator according to the legislation.

Regulator shall review complaints from the Consumers in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Citizens’ Appeals”. Resolution of disputes that arise between the business entities that are operating in the energy and utilities sectors is conducted within the procedure approved by the Regulator.

Within the period of reviewing the complaints or resolving the disputes, Regulator shall have the right to demand that the business entities that are operating in the energy and utilities sectors provide the copies of documents, explanations and other information necessary to establish the facts of a case and regulate the dispute or differences.

Before making a decision regarding the matter of argument, Regulator can hold preliminary proceedings involving the concerned parties and, if necessary, hold unscheduled inspections. The procedure of holding the preliminary proceedings is defined by the Regulator.

According to the results of the complaint investigation or resolving disputes or differences, Regulator makes a decision on:

1. termination of violation of the law in the relevant sector by the business entity that is operating in the energy and utilities sectors;

2. termination of violation of the license terms by the business entity that is operating in the energy and utilities sectors;

3. imposition of fine on the business entity that is operating in the energy and utilities sectors, according to the established procedure;

4. termination of reviewing of applicant’s request.

The Regulator’s decision shall be delivered to the business entity that is operating in the energy and utilities sectors by means of mailing or delivery against receipt. The decision taken by the Regulator within the period of pre-trial proceedings is mandatory for the parties in dispute and may be contested in court.

Contact details of the Supplier’s departments responsible for disputes resolution

Email for electronic letters and requests: info@dalechyn.com.ua

Address for written letters and requests:

34B Predslavynska str., Kyiv

Full name of a person responsible for disputes resolution:
Tokarchuk Anastasiia Igorivna


Contact phone number: +38 (095) 314-89-79
Working hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00 - 18:00, lunch break: 13:00 - 14:00, day offs: Saturday-Sunday


Electrical safety


With the purpose of securing your electrical safety:
- don’t touch the cables that are hanging down or laying on the ground. Remember that touching or approaching the cable that is laying on the ground closer than 8 meters may be potentially lethal;
- don’t get on the rooftops with the electric cables located nearby;
- don’t set up the resting areas and don’t light up fires underneath the cables;

- don’t throw wires or other objects on the aerial conductors (AC); don’t let children play directly underneath the aerial conductors and near the electric substations;
- don’t fly kites underneath the AC;
- avoid touching the metal pole guys of AC and antennas that may be under voltage due to the damage of AC;
- beware of accidental approaching to power line cables during the works underneath of AC: building, handling operations, stockpiling of materials etc.;
- remember that incompetent installation of a radio, TV antenna, as well as carrying out of various works nearby the AC and approaching the metal parts of AC can cause electric injuries;

- unauthorized carrying out of works on the electrical installations that doesn’t belong to you, as well as the self-conducted connection to electric grid typically leads to electric injuries;
- don’t provide access of unqualified persons to assembling of new or repairing of existing electrical installations. Negligent repair works may lead to injuries for people who use such electrical installations;
- portable electrical equipment is a source of increased danger. Before using electrical equipment, learn the safety instructions and manufacturer’s operation manual;
- household electric appliances and portable lamps are designed for application only in the rooms with non-conducting floors;
- under no circumstances touch the disconnected and dismantled cables that supply power to houses. Don’t use even the insulated house inputs for purposes other than intended, e.g. as a clothes-line etc. Remember! One of the most frequent causes of accidents is making and using the homemade power extenders and electrical equipment.


When using electricity at home:

- don’t apply the homemade devices for short-circuit protection, use only the certified electric fuses;
- faulty electric appliances and insulation of electric wiring and switches is a frequent source of injuries and accidents;
- don’t repair electric appliances without disconnecting them from the power outlet, don’t work in the electric installations on your own. Repair works shall be conducted by specialists.
- before cleaning the lighting equipment, lamps and portable spotlights from dust and grease, disconnect them from the power outlet;
- connect the appliances to the power outlet using electric plugs only. Under no circumstances use bare ends of the wire;
- when using an automated washing machine, don’t touch it while your hands are wet;
- take all measures to prevent children from accessing the electric appliances.

It’s advised to fix special plugs on the open power sockets.


To avoid the risks of sustaining electric injuries, it’s necessary to learn and follow the electrical safety rules:

• Being in the wet facilities, use portable lamps and electric appliances with the voltage of not more than 36V;
• Don’t touch the slack wires or wires that are on the ground (approaching the wire that is laying on the ground closer than 8 meters may be potentially lethal);
• Don’t pour tap water into kettles or coffee makers connected to the power socket, because touching the power connected device and faucet simultaneously may lead to a current injury;
• Don’t change the electric light bulbs without turning off the lamps, and don’t wipe electric wires, power sockets, switches or other electric appliances connected to a power outlet with a wet cloth.
• Don’t bring powered electric appliances outside, because in case of a faulty insulation, a person standing on the ground and touching any metal part of such a device may sustain an electric injury;

• Don’t go up the rooftops of buildings and don’t climb trees with aerial conductors nearby, don’t try to get inside of the transformer substations, and don’t try to fix the wirebreaks on your own;
• Don’t squeeze electric wires with doors and window frames, don’t fix them with nails, don’t paint or bleach them, to avoid damage or premature drying of insulation. This may lead to a fire or accidents if a person touches the wire;
• Don’t let children play underneath the aerial conductors and near the electric equipment, explain the danger of such conduct to them;
• Don’t let children play with power sockets;
• Don’t hang cloths on wires, switches and power sockets;
• Remember that household electric appliances (kettles, irons, electric hot plates etc.), as well as portable lamps (floor lamps, desktop lamps) powered with 220V are designed for use inside of the rooms with non-conducting floors.

NOTE!!!! Don’t touch a person that gets under the influence of electric current, quickly turn off the electric device (using switch, circuit breaker or chop the wire with an axe or shovel with a dry handle), pull away the injured person holding on the dry clothing that hangs loose on the body. Afterwards, begin the first aid immediately (CPR, stop the bleeding, apply a splint) and call an ambulance! Contrary to a common belief, it’s prohibited to put the injured person into the ground, as such actions don’t help in any way but may lead to the person’s death. Stay focused and be careful!

Using the powered electric appliances with a damaged insulation outside may lead to electric injuries, because EARTH CAN CARRY ELECTRICAL CURRENT!

If your power lines are damaged, ensure the security of the damage point and immediately call +38 (095) 314-89-79 or write an email at: info@dalechyn.com.ua.